Photos to Drool Over

A friend pointed out this NYT story on foodies who post what they're eating online.

I find photographing plates of food very difficult. I can never get the angle just so and oftentimes it may not be very photogenic - I'm thinking of foods like refried beans, perhaps? Not too pretty. Or who wants to see a photo of my huge-ass salad and the peanut butter and honey flatbread I brought to work today? Sexy or So-so? I think the latter, for real.

Also, I usually feel pretty good about snapping a pic if the dish is healthy and loaded with good-for-you fruits and veggies. It's the greasy and fat-laden foods that we eat that I'd never want to see the light of day in a Kodak moment.

It's definitely a different approach to food blogging. I wish I had more shutterbug skills, like this guy.

Happy eating and livin' on this Earth Day! Here's a Green Link for you - our go-to place when we're sustainably searching for seafood.