In A Pickle

This weekend Scott and I enjoyed a lovely visit from my mom. We walked, laughed and ate a lot as we showed off cool spots in D.C., Annapolis and Baltimore.

One of the best spots food-wise was D.C.'s Eastern Market. On Saturday it was all a-abuzz despite the clouds and rain, with lots of people out and about. Stomachs grumbling, we hit the crepe stand - Scott for ham and cheese, Mom for the Margherita with tomato and basil, and I for the prosciutto, olives and feta. They were super-tasty but on the small side, so to add to our lunch we hit the Pickle man, In a Pickle.

Scott chose a mixed pint of usual kosher dills and some spicy garlic. I found them to be not as exciting as their reputation declares them to be. Quite honestly, I love Vlasic kosher dills. I know, commercial brand, but they have a great "snap" to them and have the right salty/sour combination.

Are there any other pickle fans out there? Which are your favorites?


  1. I love the Pickle Man!!! The best ones he sells are the half done, or 3/4... they are a little crunchier and don't go gooey whilst sitting in the fridge. Also, his Sauerkraut is amazing. Just sayin'.

  2. I came back to the pickles last night and changed my mind. Pretty damn good - maybe I mixed it with something on my palate that day that didn't fly the first time.


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