Friday Shout Out

On behalf of my husband, who discovered these and never looked back: Utz Chips and Snacks.

A good friend from way up North loves their Special Pretzels, too. Scott tried a bag from their "Grandma Utz" line and discovered the secret ingredient that made the kettle chips so tasty was lard. Healthy!

They don't just offer the usual original, sour cream and onion, BBQ, etc. flavors, either. Why stop there when you can have:

Relax - no crabby taste. They're covered in Old Bay style seasoning.

Happy Friday and early Easter! May there be many eggs and Peeps in your baskets.


  1. YUM! I know! When I lived in Phila, me and a bunch of people at my Co. had the chip truck come every week and deliver us chips in tins, and then take our order for the next week. Utz lard fried, Utz Crab, Utz Kettle... OMG! We were all Chip-o-holics!

  2. Are these the chips we had at the beach? Or somewhere else with you guys... camping?

  3. I don't remember which chips they were. Rachel already has an order in for the special dark pretzels for the beach trip so I will bring some chips too!


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