Friday Shout Out: Smoothies

Well, I'll be damned. I didn't freeze my toes off this morning when I rolled out the door in my Chaco sandals. In fact, the weather outside was downright delightful - sunny, low-humidity, and just about perfect. Know what that means?

Smoothie time!

Scott's the real smoothie lover in this relationship. During the warmer months when we grocery shop, he'll go for frozen berries, a huge container of Stoneyfield French Vanilla yogurt, and a bundle of bananas faster than you can say "Blend It."

We're holding right now: all the essentials are in the fridge. We just need to drag out the blender from its cramped spot in our itsy-bitsy kitchen, scrounge up some counter space, and whip up a frosty and fruity treat.

My personal fave: strawberry - banana - blueberry- yogurt - orange juice (sometimes mango nectar if I'm feeling frisky).

Ooohweeee! I wish I had one now. Oh my, I just typed Ooohweeee. You know I've got it bad when I use expressions like that.

Happy Friday to everyone - hope you have a fantastic and oh-so-tasty weekend!


  1. Few things for your knowledge:

    If you need a good Smoothie whilst at work, head to 14th and Vermont to The Juice Joint. MMMMM!

    Tomorrow, the first day of May, marks the opening of area Markets!! YAY! so I know the frozen fruit works best with Smoothies, I love the fresh factor of local fruit.

  2. You're a mind reader, Shelby Lynn. I thought about that this morning as I sliced the sad little berries we bought at Giant this week though we knew better.


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