Fast Food

Here are some quick bites for ya.

Rather than rhapsodize for paragraphs over the breakfast offerings of Plato's Diner, 7150 Baltimore Ave., College Park, MD, here's a visual for you:

Greek omelet and French Toast - yummmmmmmmm. Plato's is what our friends in Hyattsville call "The Shiny Diner." It's like a greasy Airstream. Hot and filling food at a decent price - gotta love the Greek diner.

On a similar note, a new friend who lives in Silver Spring introduced us to:

Where we found:

Behold, the Lebanese Feast Mezze Platter at the Lebanese Taverna, 933 Ellsworth Dr., downtown Silver Spring. With a sampling of 12 menu items, we didn't know what exactly we'd get when we ordered but as you can see, they didn't skimp on us.

The platter included falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, cucumber/mint/tomato salad, grape leaves, and Kibbeh (said in the style of South Park..."Kibb-eh!" ) - A.K.A the best meat-stuffed orb I've ever encountered - filled with "ground beef and crushed wheat shells, stuffed with ground lamb beef, pine nuts and almonds, and deep fried." How could that not be deliciously amazing?

So far we haven't hit many of the high-end white tablecloth establishments in DC. So far I don't care.

Coming soon to this space: The Maine Ave. Seafood Market.