Silly takes on alcohol

Check out my Uncle John's creation - Jack Daniels creating light and warmth! (a LOT of warmth if you polish off a bottle) Can you believe you can get this much from a 1 liter bottle?!? He's got a few more empties in his basement in Gastonia, NC, so if you're game for a lamp, I'm sure he could start his own business making these!

On another random alcohol note, Erin and I visited our neighborhood corner market and I scored this unique 6-pack of Yuengling. Some might say there's a thin line between innovation/thrift and tackiness/illegality (is there some liquor law that says you can't split 12-packs and sell them as two 6-packs? Would the beer distributor not take kindly to this? Oh well, it worked for me!!)

Perhaps the real issue was space - the shop is TINY, so my guess is that they're packing things in however they'll fit into the place. Our apartment is much the same way, toaster oven and microwave carefully stacked, arranged on top of fridge since we have no counter space. Much like skyscrapers in a city with little buildable land, everything goes stacked/vertical in a small apartment! : )
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  1. Re: small urban apts.
    Just pretend you're living on a boat!

  2. That is one mighty fine lamp. I just might have to get me one.

    Loving all the blogging from the big DC/Baltimore area, whoop whoop!!

    And I used to always pretend while living in an apt that I was in Europe. It made me feel infinitely cooler (and slightly snobbish).

  3. I wondered what that seasick feeling was. I thought I was just clausterphobic!
    All kidding aside, apt. life has made us really determine what's essential and what's total rubbish and space-hogging crap.
    I totally get the European pretend fantasy...but my reality already set in. The Real World: Riverdale Park! Could you get the phone?

  4. The real issue is why you're drinking that crap - Yuengling might as well be Natural Light for all the taste and character it has. One lawnmower beer is pretty much the same as another.


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