Here we are in Hyattsville, Md., staying with our gracious friends who are oh-so-hospitable, allowing us to abandon our lowly "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn" (Say What?!...sorry, had to slip into old-school 80s rap lyrics...blame the snow) for better snowed-in digs.

When you're stuck inside due to 20 plus inches of snow, what's a crew of cabin-fevered friends to do? Make lots of hot tea, enjoy a Snow Day Saturday brunch of waffles, egg casserole, hash browns and cinnamon muffins, and cleaned out the fridge for dinners of spaghetti and chili over rice.

I am truly thankful I am not stranded on Interstate 81 in rural Virginia this time around. A townhouse with all the amenities - wine, cheese, and indoor plumbing - is so much more our style.


  1. I am looking fwd to when you can get out and start tasting some great food of the District! As one of "the World Cities" I know there is going to be great ethnic foods to be had!

    Many years ago before my blog (if I had a blog back then, I would have blogged about it!), I went to a grocery store near the Zoo just to see what I could see. At the time, they had frozen meats of animals you would couldn't imagine. Now, one of the meats, ostrich, is fairly ubiquitous in the USA. The others, I have never seen anywhere else. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Lannae. I will keep up on your goings-on as well to see the latest on Nashville eats! I do hope to eat some good ethnic food in DC - I don't think I'm gonna have a problem finding it. :-) Exciting times!


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