Creative use of a blizzard

So Erin and I just moved to the D.C. area (Riverdale, MD specifically) amidst uber-snow and uber-ice! Our ice trays hadn't chilled yet when, after shoveling snow and breaking up sidewalk ice with a garden shovel, I needed a drink!

I came into the kitchen where Erin was making Super Bowl Chili and I saw a bottle of bourbon on our new mini-kitchen table (thanks Alison & Ryan!). "We don't have any ice yet," Erin said. "Crap," I thought to myself. Thinking .. thinking .. ah-ha! "There's plenty of damn ice outside," I thought. Five minutes after breaking off a huge set of icicles from the neighbor's house, I had a Yazoo pint glass with 5 inch long icicles chilling my bourbon and ginger ale.

Who says a blizzard's a bad thing? : )