Resolve This

Scott and I decided while we were in New Mexico for New Years (of which photos and witty travel commentary are coming, I promise!) to...

Go vegetarian in 2010! Or, at the very least, "pescetarian," as we do love our shrimp.

Among the reasons: the obvious environmental impacts, health, wealth (or lack thereof), and a desire for a challenge in our cooking and eating this year.

Any vegheads out there with tips and/or fair warnings, bring it! We're armed with no less than three Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks, a great curry cookbook with lots of veggie recipes given to us at Christmas, and a desire to do something good for ourselves and maybe even the environment while we're at it.

Pass the eggplant and the felafel, will ya?


  1. You probably won't want to try this, then...

  2. I think not. Besides, Scott and I don't have good luck with diminutive burgers and their respective chain restaurants. I should devote a whole blog post to why we don't go thru the drive-thru at Krystal anymore with anyone who's consumed alcohol.
    All I can say is "EIGHT?! That's not ENOUGH!" is a classic line in our household now.

  3. uhm check out the latest edition of Newsweek, the one with the Nigerian kid on the cover and look at the 2nd to last page. It's about how vegetarians are switching to meet... even the famed author of the Moosewood cook books... "flexitarian" is the word.

    And interesting points are made about free range happy cows/chickens...

    we try to go the veggie route, but it's harder and a little more expensive at times. Though, we have cut out the walmart/big chain meats.

  4. I've enjoyed the local meat producers we have here in Nashville that sell at the farmers market.
    I think Scott's already thinking he wants to go flexitarian. I want to see how far I can take it...stay tuned.

  5. Hey Erin,
    I wish I had some suggestions for you since this spring will mark ten years (ten years!) of me being a vegetarian. To start I just tried to eat less meat and find more vegetarian meals. And then I just picked a time when I was going to stop all together. At the time I was living on campus & eating in the caf at UNCA, which was not the greatest eatery in the world, but they always had several vegetarian options & I didn't have to plan meals or think about groceries. So I think that helped. I never have the urge to eat meat. If only the same could be said about sweets & dairy products.
    On Wednesday I am making a quick trip to DC to meet up with Eric. He will be there for a conference. He has a vegetarian guide to DC so we are going to use that. I wish you could join us!

  6. I'm mostly veg myself (never betray the fish!!).

    It all started with a freak disgust with chicken. I don't know what, why or how... but suddenly chicken just grossed me out. so now, I still eat bacon and fish. But obviously not together, well... unless its Scallops.

  7. When you move to DC I'll have lots of Vegan/Vegetarian suggestions for you. Otherwise, I would just say my bf uses a cookbook called Veganamcon like it is the Bible or in his case the Torah. is a good place to get started. Oh and I love DC so I'll be out to see you. Victoria and I missed you during my recent trip!


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