Of Mush and Men

A certain male who posts to this blog unfortunately had dental surgery Tuesday due to an infected abscess and forthcoming root canal. With stitches and swelling, it's not pretty, as Scott does look like he's hoarding nuts for the winter in his right cheek, poor thing.

As a result, grocery shopping on Tuesday eve was a challenge, especially when trying to navigate a Kroger store besieged by Southerners freaking out over the so-called "snowstorm" coming today. (Alas, no freakin' snow. Figures.) The bread and milk supplies were, of course, depleted, but so were the mushrooms and salad greens. Who knew us Dixie types considered the healthy stuff to be essential snow day fare?

In my rush, I neglected to bring my list of "soft foods" that the dentist's assistant recommended, so I had think on my feet as I wheeled around the uber-crowded Kroger. I came up with a couple ideas, which were:

- Scrambled eggs and grits. Breakfast for dinner - one of the ultimate comfort meals.
- Mashed potatoes and broiled portobellos. (Hey, we're trying to go Veg.)
- Stir fry with eggplant over rice.
- Soup of mixed greens sauteed with garlic, onion, canned tomatoes, with broth and cooked little stars pasta. It was an adorable and tasty soup, I tell ya. Those teeny stars are just precious.
- Canned soup. Muir Glen was on sale, so I grabbed Split Pea and Garden Vegetable for Scott to reheat for lunches and whatnot.
- Annie's Mac and Cheese. More soft comfort food, though I confess this was more for me than for Mr. Dental Nightmare.
- Ice cream. Oh, yeah.
-Applesauce and bananas.

After that, I got nuthin'. So I ask, just in case the soft food diet must continue, what your favorite mushy/soft/easy on the teeth meals and foods are. Got any must-haves for when your jaw is kinda on lock down?


  1. I had to eat soft foods for a month...so mama and I had to get creative after my sugury to have the tonsils out. French fries, pancakes, steamed vegatables, fish, yogurts, puddings, lentils, pastas, etc...you are getting the gist here...anything soft enough for me to make a little softer in my mouth seemed to do the trick.

  2. Well honey we just went through all of that when Somanna had his wisdom teeth removed which was promptly followed by dry socket. Oy vey.

    Your list looks pretty good. Here is what I would add.

    milkshakes (NO STRAWS!!!)
    soup, soup and soup (Trader Joe's has pretty decent boxed soup)
    Mashed potatoes (hated to do it, but the instant ones were real time-and labor -savers)
    sweet potatoes mashed up
    mac and cheese
    soft rolls
    hummus & (soft) pita bread

    We visited Panera quite a bit. Also I would caution you against rice...b/c it has a tendency to get stuck in grooves, which is very annoying.

    Hope Scott feels better soon!!!

  3. Being totally honest, the first thing that came to my mind: Jello. Yes, super basic, but darnit, that stuff is great when you can't chew, lol! Hope Scott is doing better!


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