I Like Big Lots and I Cannot Lie

Apologies to Sir Mix-a-Lot for the blog title, though it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Yesterday on my day off I decided to make it a fun bargain shopping extravaganza, hitting up my favorite thrift shop, Music City Thrift on Gallatin Road, and Big Lots. The sheer beauty of this whole experience is that they’re located in the same craptastic strip mall so it’s easy and convenient to hunt for the deals. As it turns out, I’m both cheap AND lazy. Awesome.

The thrift store search was fruitful – red pants, a cute black and white checked blouse, and a very cool Haiku purse that happened to have two $1 bills stuffed in one of its crannies. A true thing of economical beauty - the purse retailing for $40 actually cost me $8 with the little hidden cash discount. Now I am sure there’s some kind of ethical question about taking the money, but listen – these are hard times, mmmkay? I say the almighty Thrifting Gods wanted me to have those two dollars.

Now, I know there’s outright suspicion from shoppers concerning food products purchased from Big Lots. Sure, some items are dented, a little dusty, or just outright OLD and expired. But if you look past yesterday’s Fruit Roll Ups and sad soup cans, you can find some deals.

The highlights of my scores:

Wasa Whole Wheat Crackers, 2 packages @$1.80 each. I love these things – crispy and wholesome, and the perfect delivery system for hummus, cheese and other spreadable and tasty treats.

Wasabi Peas - Spicy yum-yums @$1

Asian Cracker Mix - Crunchy goodness also @$1

Frontera Organic Salsa Lime tortilla chips @ $1.75

Blue Diamond Natural Almonds, one small can @ $2


Buckwheat Organic Soba Noodles, one package @ $1.80

On a good day, the selection at Big Lots reminds me of the days when I shopped regularly at Amazing Savings back in Asheville, NC. Even when it was known as Bargain Max, that place had it all: Kashi cereals, protein bars, random Indian curry sauces, pints of organic ice cream, and even organic body lotions and shampoos you’d find for six times as much at Whole Foods for super-cheap. It was bargain basement hunting, but the thrill of saving those dollar bills made it worth every push of the shopping cart down those crowded aisles.

As you can tell, I’m still in Amazing Savings withdrawal. Other than Big Lots, Nashville just doesn’t have a salvage/discount-style grocery store. Boo hoo.

So yes, I do savor the flavor of a dollar or two saved, even if it means stooping to the level of Big Lots shopping. I’d like to know if there’s anyone else out there ready to admit their attraction. So, fess up!


  1. You must respect the thrift store gods. Take the $2. Use it well. Perhaps on more thrifted items.

  2. Judy and Jennifer love them some Big Lots! Mom too.

  3. Ahhh Amazing Savings... I never thought getting a side of Weevils in your Kashi cereal was amazing, but other than that, a bargain indeed! Nice score on the $2! You can buy a $40 with that!

  4. And by "$40" I meant a Forty ouncer! Just like the good old days. Delish!

  5. A thrifty 40 oz. (or two!) is exactly what I need!
    A UNCA friend found not a weevil but a worm in a bag of chips from Amazing Savings. You make me remember that cheap ways come at a cost!

  6. It was a sad, sad day when Nashville lost Turrentine's (our old equivalent to Amazing Savings.)

    On the south side, Big Lots is located next door to Thrift Smart--another bargain strip mall : )

  7. I hit Big Lots last week and bought several packs of those organic noodles...yum, yum. And finally found solar garden lights that dont look cheap (but were at $4 each)


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