Greens, Greens, and Nothing But Greens*

This just sounds amazing right now. Especially since my daily dose of Dayquil just isn't cutting it.

Oh, Ms. Rossetto Kasper, how I love you so. Seriously. You're the best. Not since this recipe, introduced to me by a good friend who also knows her way around a butternut squash, have I loved the idea of vegetables gussied up and drool-worthy.

*If you know your Sondheim, you know from whence this post title cometh. Yep, showing my inner musical theatre dorkitude.


  1. Rosetto Casper is awesome. She has a great laugh. I want to be her best friend.

  2. Girl you know I love me some Into the Woods!!!

    Bernadette Peters kicks ass in that role :)

    I could sing the rest of that song you know ;-)


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