Best. Cookies. Ever.

What are these, you might ask?

Just the best freakin' cookies there could be. Chocolate Craisin Oatmeal goodness, these are.

The recipe is a modified Southern Living one from the current February 2010 issue, with dried cranberries substituted for chopped pecans. The oatmeal and cranberries make them somewhat healthy and I used dark chocolate chunks, so antioxidants are all up in these cookies. I don't see how they can possibly be not absolutely awesome.

The taste testers approved.

As one person said, "When they came out of the oven and they were still warm, they were pretty much the best cookies I've ever had."

Yay! This completely makes up for the disastrous Chai Egg Nog Cookies I made for Christmas Cookie Exchange 2009. I don't have a particularly successful record with baked goods, so this gives me hope. And too many reasons to find an excuse to have a milk and cookie moment.

What's that? I need and deserve another cookie? Well, if you insist.

On an unrelated note, some friends and I dined at one of the newest East Nashville spots, The Wild Cow, on Friday night.

A vegetarian restaurant with a vegan lean, the place didn't really help this new veggie girl out. Their menu is very sandwich and salad based, which is not very innovative.

I had the "Philly Cheese Steak" Sandwich and a side salad. The cheese sauce was pretty bland and the chopped seitan or "steak" was not very flavorful. I tasted the mac and cheese which I am pretty sure was made with nutritional/brewer's yeast in lieu of dairy products. It was...yeasty. Very chalky and a strong earthy taste that I just couldn't take to.

As a friend pointed out, we all can make a portobello mushroom sandwich at home. Give us a reason to bow down to all things veggie friendly and help us learn something new about making vegetarian/vegan food interesting and exciting.

On the positive side, we now have a new theme song: Like a Vegan, a la Madonna's Like a Virgin.

"I ate meat/Felt incomplete
It felt bad/ So I tried Tofu/
And it made me feel/
Yeah it made me feel/
Gassy in the Loo/
Like a Vegan..."

Not too bad, huh?


  1. There are so many things I could comment on this post but I'm gonna stick with...please make me some more of those cookies.

  2. Mmmmmmmm... cookies!!! But that's not really what I want to hit on... in fact, it might require an actual EMAIL. But for now, congrats on the continued quest to be a new Veggie Girl!

    I'm not entirely veggie, still eat fish and occasionally turkey bacon... mmm bacon.... but I tell you what, there are sooooo many great ideas and recipes out there for us! However, the number one thing you have to look out for, as you mentioned, is an over indulgence on carbs instead of proteins. It'll make you gain weight like nobody's business!!

    Think happier, healthier thoughts like Max & Rosie's. Oh DROOL! Even Laughing Seed was pretty damn inventive. Sigh! Make you miss Asheville yet? When you get to DC, I'll take you out for some veggies and show taht it is in fact possible to have a good veggie meal that doesn't consist of sides or sandwiches. :)


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