Smokin' hot pizza

Scott here. I know, I'm slack about writing, but I thought I'd share a funny pizza delivery experience.

Last night (Friday), we ordered from .. well, let's just call it "A-Middle-Tennessee-Pizza-Chain-Run-By-Middle-Easterners." Please note, this is not an ethnic slam - I first experienced Turkish pizza while living in Australia and it's likely the Kurdish gentlemen that I've met in Nashville making pizza have similar ingredients, baking styles, etc. Both groups make wonderful, different-than-Italian/Greek pizza.

Anyway, we order the California Veggie .. adding Italian sausage .. why have all veggies when you can add some fennel-flavored pork? : ) 30 minutes later, a knock at the door brings our pizza and a delivery balancing it, a receipt and a lit cigarette. Some people would take offense at the cigarette, but Erin and I laughed about it after closing the door. It reminded us of a funny mechanic (from Montenegro, former Yugoslavia) we've visited off Fessler's Lane in Nashville, as he too was always smoking a cigarette whether checking brake pads or explaining, "How you doin' buddy, your Maa-trix (Toyota Matrix) eecce oh-kay" in heavily-accented English.

This pizza experience also reminds me of when I delivered pizzas for Papa Johns. I took a phone order one time from a woman asking if we delivered beer as well, and I apologized that we didn't, although beer and pizza are a truly tasty combination. If someone had business acumen and weren't in a state with Puritanical alcohol laws, they could start a delivery joint, Suds and Pies on The Go, or something like that.


  1. The liquor laws in Tn are ridiculous. I hate going to a liquor store to buy wine!!

  2. For real...just put the damn wine in the Kroger, already.

    Oh, Scott, how I miss the days when your Nissan Sentra smelled of cheap pepperoni. Those post-college days...thank the gods for real jobs now!

  3. Wasn't there a service in Asheville that delivered beer? But it was some ridiculous price? Brew and View? or am I just making that up...


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