Oh Deer Me

Guess what's in my fridge right now?

Although I could call my cousins in Eastern North Carolina and ask them how to handle and prepare a couple pounds of venison, as they hunt and fish and do all that Southern Outdoors Manly Man stuff, I hesitate.

I don't think I am alone in this.

Suggestions with recipes or preparation techniques are welcome.


  1. I was planning on leaving an insightful comment on your next post, but I've got nothin' for you :)
    However, my neighbor offered me some venison a few weeks ago so I can go ask him if you can't find anything!

  2. The Southern Outdoors Manly Man approach involves an open fire. And beer.

    Or... you could sear it (quickly, there's usually not much fat in deer meat so it's pretty dry), remove it to a warm plate, and make a sauce with the pan drippings, some red wine, a little pepper, and a handful of dried cranberries.

  3. Awesome, Anonymous. I have all of those ingredients in my possession.
    Venison, comin' right up!

  4. OMG....that's Banmbi?!??!?!
    Have you no Disney sensitivity in THIS family???!?

  5. No, it was Bambi's dad, or maybe his big brother. Eight-pointer of about 140 lb, Scott has seen a picture. :)

  6. Hi! Just browsed along your blog clicking "Next Blog". :) My husband is crazy about deer hunting and makes me cook it all the time... and I hate it! The other night I made venison stroganoff. Took about two pounds of cubed venison and browned it in a deep skillet w/ butter, garlic and onions while I got my egg noodles boiled and ready. Then added a bunch of mushroom soup, I'm not sure how much, just kind of eye-balled it, a can of mushrooms and salt & pepper. Once that got warm, I added my noodles and let that simmer for about 10 minutes to soak in the flavor.

    Suprisingly, it turned out really good! It didn't have the gamely taste and he ate three helpings. LOL!

    Most of the time I make vegetable soup, chili, burgers or jerky with the meat, but now we're adding the stroganoff to the mix because he loved it so much.

    Anyways, I loved reading your posts :) Take care!


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