New Mexican cuisine, here we come!

Erin and I are going to New Mexico for New Year's and aside from the friends and scenery we'll see there, I'm looking forward to the FOOD! You can even get green chiles on a cheeseburger of Burger King or McDonalds out there, which is a sign of culinary sensitivity on the the part of those large chains, in my opinion.

We'll be down south first, in Gila National Forest, likely eating simple camping-type food, but we'll pass through Albuquerque on the way up to Santa Fe, Taos and Jemez Springs. ABQ is home of The Frontier, where my friend Darren introduced me to green chiles, massive burritos and other specialties of this diner-type place across Central Ave. from University of New Mexico. Oh, there's also sopapillas with honey, a welcome respite from spicy foods for tender parts of the mouth like lips and tongues. : )

Lastly, there's green chile beer - I kid you not. Why have beer and spicy food, separately, when you can get a two-for-one sensation with spicy beer! We'll see about photos - I lost my camera sometime in the last few months - but Erin's always good about toting hers along.


  1. Anyone who'd like to offer dining options in this area, please do so!
    I feel like I'm gonna need to bring the vat of Tums on this trip!

  2. really?? green chilli beer?? sounds... well, don't know what to make of that actually...

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