Like Willie Said...

We're On the Road Again... and I actually just can't wait.

I don't want to count those proverbial chicks or anything, but some interesting things may be happening up east around DC and Baltimore for Scott and Erin, two good little ones who'd like nothing more for Christmas than to start 2010 with some positivity. (Ok, so ignore my previous post about Christmas gift dreaming. Good things like stability and happiness are all I want, really. Seriously. Honestly. For real, though.)

Now then, with that being said, I'd also appreciate opportunities for good food while we're out there, perusing the cityscapes and nooks/crannies of Washington, DC and Baltimore and places in between.

If you happen to be an admirer of any mid-range to dirt cheap but GOOD eats in or around our destination, please share. Comment away... let us know what's best. I hear Ethiopian is great in DC, maybe some crab action in B-More (hmmm...maybe not crab ACTION. That's a little discomforting.)

We're on this stupid, irritating thing you might call a budget - but who isn't these days? - so no white-tablecloths or $75 wines allowed.

Thanks in advance for any help, you fabulous blogosphere-ites.


  1. Take lots of pictures! Have a totally awesome trip

  2. Thus helpful elf from Augusta, Ga. offers:

    Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant
    2434 18th St NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    Phone (202) 462-4100

    Pasta Mia (they don't take reservations and there is usually a line but it moves quickly. Try to go a little early)
    (202) 328-9114
    Adams Morgan
    1790 Columbia Rd NW
    Washington, DC 20009

    Ben's Chili Bowl (chili is amazing)
    1213 U Street, N.W,
    Washington D.C. 20009

  3. We made it to Ben's...amazing! Will post photos and commentary soon!

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