I Got Your Yuletide Right Here

Let's see...it's the Third of December and thus far I've visited two places for Christmas shopping - Kroger and the always delightful Jo-Ann's Craft Store (it's like a deep-discount wannabe Michael's).

This year I decided to say "F Consumerism" (a.k.a. "Screw any expectations those in my family or social circle may have of getting something they might actually want") and try to make gifts with my own two Carpel Tunnel-ized hands. Let's just say the bulk of my "gifts" thus far involve Mason jars and Mod Podge.

In a conversation this morning with a co-worker, I confided that this newfound desire to give homemade items was more than just a "Hey, I'm Broke" move. One reason is that my recent forays into canning leave me wanting for more. I could can all day - just slap a red gingham apron and a Beltone hearing aid on me and call me "MeeMaw" - I've got your sweet southern jams right here.

Another is that I'm increasingly viewing Christmas as more of a reason to look forward to seeing family, singing the same old songs, and getting all teary-eyed during the candlelight service (which is fast becoming my one church visit per year, astoundingly. I think I play the jaded Preacher's Kid a little too well sometimes).

This coming from the darling dear who famously inquired "Is that all?" after ripping through a pile of presents, circa 1988. Yes, I was an only child. And a total bitch.

Now, wishing for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men, warbling "Deck the Halls" just a little too loudly, and taking a nip of eggnog and a bite of gingerbread would be more than enough to keep me happy.

It actually sounds pretty amazing.


  1. A-ha! Now it all becomes clear.

    PK here too :).

  2. PK Club for me too!

    I'd like a slideshow of all your crafty delights after they've been given of course so as not to ruin any surprises.

  3. It's a PK fest up in here! Love it.

    KG, I will work on that "slideshow."

  4. Regarding your 1988 moment, Beth had one and caught on tape no less. The classic hold-up-what-your-aunt-so-and-so-gave-you-and-look-excited-and-dont-you-roll-your-eyes-missy!
    Though I think it may have been 1991.


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