*Tap, Tap* Is This Thing On?

Well good grief, Charlie Brown - the only thing bigger than the Great Pumpkin in the room is that white elephant of guilt - ya know, the big, angsty feeling of "Oh hey, we abandoned the blog for two months. Whoopsies."

Good thing this baby doesn't need to be watered or fed. Well, I suppose it does, as blogs that go stagnant for too long are a drag. I know I feel that way about a couple or two blogs I keep up with - they're well intentioned but if they don't' stay fresh, they're like the abandoned produce in the crisper drawer - a damn dirty shame.

The main excuse - Scott and I honestly are in the midst of trying to get it all sorted out - this life thing. Job searches, relocation tactics, the whole "What does it all mean" scenario... I know, "WHATEVER, Erin, just get back to talking about what food you made or ate yesterday, what you wanna eat today, and what you might be thinking of eating tomorrow."

Well, okay then.

It's November (whoooooah, said in a very Keanu Reeves way) and here's the deal. I'm quickly becoming a fan of canning, thanks to my friend C.O. who first introduced me to her grandmother's tomato canning tactics back in August. Two weekends ago we made and canned pear chutney from Putting Up: A Seasonal Guide to Canning in the Southern Tradition, a fantastic book C.O. gifted for my birthday in September. I think she recognized the inner canning goddess inside of me, yearning to be unleashed to make all sorts of delectable preserves, jellies, relishes, chutneys, etc.

Last Saturday night we tasted our pear chutney, poured over cream cheese and served with crackers, a la Southern mode, and it was a hit - sweet, tangy, spicy, and just wonderful.

Now I have my eye on a few select recipes for our next canning adventure - I won't dare divulge them, as I plan to use them as Christmas gifts if they work out.

Wish me luck. In the meantime, know that I plan on devoting more time to this blog. If not, I'll eat these words - with a big ol' smear of chutney.