Strange Fruit

Sigh. Mangoes aren't local. Double sigh.

But I couldn't help myself last night. Besieged by a "sale" of $1 very ripe mangoes at Kroger, who was I to resist ? I purchased two and took them home and chopped them, eager to enjoy a sliver or two over a small bowl of vanilla bean ice cream.

Note to those who co-habitate: check your rations first before you get too excited at the grocery store. My SO turned into the SOB who ate all the ice cream in the freezer. Thus, no yummy dessert. I could have eaten the mango with other dairy, such as cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, but it wouldn't compare to luscious, juicy mango over creamy and cool vanilla.

One drawback to the mango: its fortitude of reluctance to free its tasty flesh from its pesky pit. I usually wind up scoring the mango skin about five times and then peeling it back in sections but then when I get to the skin-free fruit, it becomes one wet, pulpy mess.

I recall seeing a method for inside-out mangoes once upon a time. Googling it, I discovered this. Of course it had to be a Moosewood thing, as if I never read any other cookbooks. (I honestly do, truly I say unto thee.)

If you go there with the inside out mango, report back. I want to know how you manage to avoid committing mango murder.


  1. errah that's how we used to eat them back home... well before Moosewood. Also, did you get Indian mangoes? The "ban" on them was finally lifted last year, and they are much juicer. I find the S.American ones take forever to ripen and they go from firm/sour to over-ripe in a sudden.


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