Mmm, Mojitos

Sugar. Lime. Mint. Alcohol.
What's not to like when you mix those things together, muddle it with all your might, and then pour over ice?

The mojito is the best drink for the summertime. Well, it is for the moment. Yes, a frosty beer, Gin and Tonic, a chilled Chardonnay, or whatever else slays your summer thirst is just fine, but a mojito - it's just too special to get thrown in with the rest.
Especially when the bartenders at Rumba have their way with the cocktail. Mango, Pomegranate, the Miami version with sparkling wine... man, it's only 11 am and I need a drink just thinking about those icy libations!

Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner with birthday girl KG last night at Rumba. They have a great deal at the moment - Mucho Mondays, $22 for a small plate, an entree and a dessert. (Side note: if you go, enter their Summertime on Our Dime Contest. They also own Jacksons, so if you dine there, you can also enter the contest to win gift cards and the big prize, the iPod. I want to win the iPod - you guys know my technologically ignorant self needs one!)

Scott ordered a coxhina (Brazilian turnover) and a Margarita flat bread, while I went for the shrimp satay skewers (comes with dipping sauces like chimmichurri - which wins my "most fun condiment name" award" and a peanut sauce) and the Spanish-style shrimp and grits. Tres Leches Cake was Scott's sweet pick - mine was the pair of choco-frosted cupcakes with a teensy scoop of buttermilk ice cream.

Damn, I'm getting hungry again, too.


  1. I had homeade mojito icecream yesterday, it was delicious.


  2. KG, it needed to be shouted!
    Molly, that sounds delish.

    Check this out - a blueberry lavender mojito recipe I just found.
    Sounds a little funky, yet I want it. Right now.


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