Gracias por Pollo del Mar!

That's "Chicken of the Sea" if you're not a Spanish speaker (Pollo del Mar is the name of hotel in "L.A. Story," a joke). Sometimes you've just gotta' eat - we got home from the Inglewood Kroger at 9:10 p.m. and were not about to cook a full dinner, so Erin whipped some tuna, mayo, salt, pepper, and oregano together for tuna sandwhiches, plus some homemade honey-mustard (honey, plus mustard - easy) for pretzels. We finished off the meal with bing cherries (trucked or train-shipped from Washington State, boo-hoo; we didn't make it to the Nashville Farmer's Market this weekend).

Still, we managed pretty well at our closest Kroger, which is NOT a ghetto Kroger! : ) I've heard people refer to the Inglewood Kroger as "ghetto Kroger" and "ghetto" is always relative. For "ghetto," try the Eastland/Gallatin Pk. Kroger or 8th Ave. N. Kroger, but I wouldn't put the Inglewood Kroger down as "ghetto." And what is "ghetto," really? If a grocery store has basics, like produce, dairy, etc. it's okay. Sure, Publix, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are all nice, but neighborhood Piggly Wiggly's, etc. keep plenty of people fed.