Festivus for the Rest of Us

Dumb blog title...just needed something.

I'm looking for a festival to travel to and enjoy, as Scott and I planned on attending the Southern Foodways Alliance symposium this October in Oxford, Miss. up until I realized that no, the cost isn't $55 per person, it's $550.

As much as we love our grits and red eye gravy, our Dr. Peppa, and our fried okra, there's no way in haaaaaaaaaaaeell we can pony up that amount of cash to geek it up with the rest of the southern-fried foodies. Thus, I'm scoping out a cool food-beer-art-culture celebration in a place we haven't visited for the mid to late fall, maybe in the south, as Louisiana and Mississippi are the two states we're curious to see before we flee westward. However if it's in the Midwest or Up North, we might consider those.

I love festivals for their down-home hokey qualities, the way that towns or regions tout their one special thing that they do better than anyone else, and for the communal vibe. I really want to attend the Cherry Festival in Michigan sometime but it's on the July 4th weekend and somehow it's never convenient. Oh, one of these days...

If you know of something excellent going on in that time frame that is tasty and/or highly entertaining, fill us in.

Happy almost Friday,