Das ist Mir Wurst (It Doesn't Matter)

This blog post title is my favorite German idiom - Literally, "That's sausage to me," but it means "It doesn't matter."

Why not use food products to say what you really feel?
I stole these below from The Splendid Table's site. They're fun.

Food Idioms from around the world

I'm not hanging noodles on your ears! I'm not pulling your leg — Russian
To give it to someone with cheese, to pull your leg — Spanish
To give papaya, to pull someone's leg — Spanish Colombia
I'll boil tea with my navel - that's laughable, you're kidding — Japanese
To live like a maggot in bacon, live in luxury, live the life of Riley — German
To fry a bologna sausage, to give special treatment — German
To have three foot long spittle, to yearn for something — Chinese
Brew the dirt from someone's fingernails and drink it - learn a bitter lesson — Japanese
To drown the mouse: hair of the dog. stave off a hangover — Spanish
The one of shame, the last piece of food on a plate that no one dares take — Spanish
To undo twists in the entrails, to eat one's fill after starving — Hindi
We'll take salt with you, acceptance of invitation to share a meal — Arabic
Meet with bread and salt, warm welcome — Russian
To fix the cake, to make amends, patch things up — South America
To eat bad-smelling rice. to be in jail — Japanese
To be the cheese on pasta, to be perfect — Italian
To put butter in the spinach, to improve one's living — French
To have butter, money from butter,and the woman who made it- to have it all — French
To have the face of bad milk, to look like one is in a bad mood — Spanish
Look for hairs inside an egg, nitpick — Italian
He should grow like an onion with his head in the ground - mild insult — Yiddish
Onions should grow from your navel - an insult — Yiddish
Tomatoes have faded - love has gone — Russian

and lastly, my personal new favorite...
Think one is the last suck on the mango- think highly of oneself — South America


  1. Love the list!! And I am not giving you a papaya!


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