Oprah's Faves Ain't Got Nuthin' on Mine

Holy hot sauce! One lousy post in the month of July. I think it's safe to say HTT abandoned this blog to rot out in cyberland. My apologies, but it's been a bastardy beast of a month, capping off with an end of the month move to the east side of Nashville, across the Cumberland River.

Our new place - the fourth now in three years living in Music City, USA - is loverly, with a river bluff view and a big narrow yard. The owners left a strange circle of river rocks in the backyard and we're thinking it'd be perfect for a G-A-R-D-E-N. No, our struggling containers of basil, mint, rosemary and Thai basil don't count as far as digging in the dirt is concerned. Scott is jonesin' for the opportunity to get his hands messy and grow his own organic fall and winter veggies and I'm curious to see what the fuss is all about.

I have photos of some of the things I am about to describe, but in the move I have buried my USB cord somewhere deep down below and I'm too ghetto to own a card reader, so for now you'll just have to imagine in your big brains the following things I'm crazy for right now:

- Utterly fantastic cherry tomatoes in a vibrant yellow, purchased at the Nashville Farmers Market. I loved buying a variety other than the usual red. It really punched up salads, salsas, and the like.

- The zucchini salad from City House in Germantown. Who knew strips of zucchini, granulated peanuts, chili oil and mint could compose such a heavenly piece of culinary yumminess? I made it at home and it was thisclose to being the same, but not. I'm going to keep trying, though.

- City House is getting some mad love from me on this post. Their pizzas are absolutely killer, in the vernacular of Scott's Uncle John, aka BJ. The wood fire oven is what makes them so incredible - the crust is smokey and crispy-thin and the cheese is super-fresh.

- FooBar in East Nashville. Say, for example, you're a couple who need to sign a lease for a house you're renting but you have some time to kill before your meeting with the landlord. You're on the East side and need a place to just kick it for a little while.
This is where FooBar comes in. Their Tuesday special: a Tequila Shot and any Draft Beer for $5.
Sure, the tequila isn't top shelf, and Lord does it burn when it goes down - but it's okay. You're in a place that's unpretentious and no one's gonna check you at the door to make sure your hipster card is still valid. It's a smoke-laden, man's man kind of bar that this female is totally okay with.

- Fresh cut sunflowers at the Nashville Farmers Market. I dare you to incite a look of death from any stranger you encounter while holding flowers. I swear, you would have thought I hung the moon, the way people smiled and chatted me up as I toted an armful around the market. $4 for a bunch is the price of perfection.

- The Tigers Blood snowball from Fleur de Lis Flavors in the Nashville Farmers Market. Save it for one of our hotter than hell days and savor the slushy combination of strawberry and coconut.
It will make you forget about that unfortunate heat rash.

- The fresh (not fried) spring rolls and chicken skewers at Satay. Just smother me in their peanut sauce. I would be okay with that.

- Marinated Carne Asada packaged cuts of beef from Trader Joe's. Yes, we're back to the TJs. We just couldn't deny the attraction any longer. It's worth the extra drive across the river. That Carne Asada is perfectly seasoned - I broiled strips of it and paired it with black beans and rice and a salad of avocado, red onion and tomatoes last night and it was fantastic.

- Watermelon. I want to eat it, drink it, and sleep with it at night. The one from Delvin Farms, a local organic farm, is the one I would proclaim the Queen of the Summer Fruits. It was ruby red, juicy, and as sweet as candy. I keep thinking I'll make a bebida out of one, but thus far no bueno.

That's it for my favorites du jour.

One question for those eyes and brilliant minds reading this out there: what do you do when you're in a breakfast slump? In the summer, I do cereal, sometimes a bagel. I love oatmeal but that won't happen until the heat dies down in, oh, November.
Any suggestions on brekkie options would be uber-appreciated.

Hope everyone's rip-roarin' ready for August!



  1. Microwave an egg and maybe a little cheese in a teacup with plastic wrap over it, chop it up in a tortilla, throw in whatever leftover vegetables you have, roll it up, eat it standing at the kitchen counter. You can make and consume this and read the entire Tennessean in under five minutes.

  2. Funny, I read this after I decided to make an egg sandwich this morning - microwaved the egg in a very shallow wide bowl (perfect size for stacking on bread), slathered on a little goat cheese, and added a roasted red pepper/eggplant spread from Trader Joe's.
    Thanks for the suggestion, PS. Nice name!
    I do believe it would take less than 5 to read our lovely local rag. 3 tops.

  3. I heart me some CityHouse!
    As far as breakfast, I'm really bad about just eating lunch food instead. Or cottage cheese and triscuits...which I eat all the time.

  4. My fave summertime treat. Smoothies made into popsicles. Blend up the yogurt, protein powder, and fruits/veg of your choice. Pour into dixie cups (I like the 5-7oz size) and insert regular or plastic spoons and freeze. Then in the AM grab on to slurp or munch on in the car on the way to work.
    Alternately homemade pudding makes a good breakfast--eggs and milk make it full of protein and the little bit of sugar isn't bad either.

  5. Tried the Trader Joe's carne asada tonight, very tasty on a flour tortilla with a little guacamole and some sour cream.

    Should have left the TJ's "Simple Times Lager" on the shelf, though, that stuff is nasty. Definitely a four-dollar, off-brand brew. I like TJ's cheap wine, their cheap beer (brewed by the makers of "Rock Head Malt Liquor") I'm only gonna drink if I don't have anything else in the house and just got done mowing the yard.

  6. PS, my husband would disagree on the Simpler Times, but then again, he's "frugal" to put it nicely. :-)
    Glad you liked the carne asada. I only wish we could get TJ"'s Two Buck Chuck Wine. Stupid TN liquor laws.

    J, don't know if I could stomach pudding in the a.m. but the smoothie popcicles sounds great. Now something from my childhood I really miss - Bill Cosby-endorsed Jello Pudding Pops! Deeeeelish.

    KG, thanks for reminding me how much I love cottage cheese. And, being the southern gal I am, it's always nice with peaches.


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