Food Film Festival, every Tuesday June 16-23

We and some friends of ours saw Tableland, the first of several food-related films being shown as part of local food film series. We're not pure Slow Food members or anything like that .. yet .. but we do strive for local food via the Farmer's Market, etc. (saw Jeff Themm, Nashville Farmer's Market Exec. Dir. in audience).

The film festival's running 6:30 p.m., every Tuesday, from June 16-23, so check out a film or two if you live in Middle Tennessee. One of the best characters from the film is an B.C. oysterman named Brent Petkau. He not only hauls in some tasty looking bivalves, he waxes poetic on them and "The Oyster Revolution." Seriously, he's great, as are all of the chefs, farmers, etc. in the film. There's also the guy from Soiled Reputation that also had some notable quotes. Lastly, I finally saw a face behind a name, something of a food celebrity sighting: Pete, of Pete's Green's. Somehow, I'd heard the company name before, so like all local, organic or otherwise small-scale food producers, it was nice to put a face to name.

Next week's film (Tues. June 23) is King Corn, which will look a things on the opposite end of the spectrum from small-scale, local agriculture. This film's supposed to be staight-up high-fructose corn syrup, cheap livestock feed and ethanol out the wazoo - all results of BIG CORN. : )

In the meantime, I'll do my best by composting our food waste (Good on ya' San Francisco, : ) and tending our Thai basil, Sweet basil and mint plants on the front porch.


  1. Good for you, Tall Boy.

  2. I did not know about this film festival! I gotta go to it. Also, check out the Belcourt (and my latest blog entry) for their Food Film Week starting next Thursday. Oh, yea! Films about food, I love it!

  3. "The Omnivore's Dilemma" is a good text for learning about Big Corn... and its evil entanglement with Big Oil.

    Those links, at least on my screen, are really hard to read - essentially dark green on kinda grayish dark green, can't see 'em till I mouse over.

  4. Hello, anonymous - thanks for input on the link issue - I made a change to white for the link color so I hope that helps!
    We are big Michael Pollan fans - read the The OD and especially enjoyed In Defense of Food.


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