Red, White and Food!

Give it up for Red, White and Food Blog Day!

March 2 is the day for we, the TN bloggers, to make our opinions known that retail food stores should be able to sell wine to their customers.

This means changing a long-standing law that restricts wine sales to liquor stores. The Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association is advocating this change. The association represents large corporate stores and small independent grocers across the state.

On Friday I hightailed it after work to pick up some weekend fun materials - food and alcohol. However, I made two trips - one to the liquor store for a mega-bottle of chardonnay and a magnum-bottle of Merlot, and another to Kroger. Unnecessary. It wastes time and gas and it's just a big pain in the ass.

Give us the freedom to choose - grocery story or speciality wine shop.

That's what I call a free (Kroger) Marketplace.

Learn more here.


  1. Let's do it! We have beer, why not the cheapo wine?! IMHO, grocery stores are not going to compete with specialty wine shops. When I need a cheap wine to cook with, I want to going to the grocery store and do one stop shopping including the cheapo cooking wine. When I want a real wine to sip, I will be going to a real wine shop.

  2. Word, Lannae. Let's welcome TN into the 21st century.


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