Just Eat the Damn Carbs

Bread. It's tasty and it's always around to tempt you. Example: the two sleeves of Thomas English Muffins that were a Buy One Get One special at Kroger this week, now displayed proudly on my kitchen cart right now. Good lord, their delicate nooks and crannies are delicious, especially when smothered and covered with a little butter and jam. Nothing wrong with carb love.

Unless you're my mom, who (bless her, she'll read this post) confessed to me that she had two yeast rolls at lunch today. Her hushed tone in telling me about the scarfed rolls made it sound like she'd bumped and rubbed a Benz AND a Beemer in a parking lot. Actually, she used the same tone of voice when she admitted to me that she'd watched The Bachelor this week. I'll try not to judge you on that TV misstep, Mom, but I don't think you should admit any guilt over those paltry yeast rolls. Bread is tasty and filling and no one's gonna give you the hairy eyeball for eating it. The women at Weight Watchers will not scorn you - so just chill and let the airy goodness of those carb-bombs transport you to a state of bliss not unlike partaking in a nosh of cornbread, foccaccia, naan, Indian fry bread, or what-have-you.

In other food tidbits:
I just finished a story on young farmers for Local Table. I profiled four people between the ages of 25 and 30 who want to sustainably farm and connect with their communities. I really enjoyed the assignment and hope to write more articles like this.

If you're in Nashville, hello, Rumors on 12th Ave does 2 for 1 wine on Tuesdays. Get up on that.

Speaking of wine, enophiles should Netflix or rent Bottle Shock. I watched it last weekend and enjoyed the true story of the California wineries that beat French wine in a blind taste test known as the Judgement of Paris in 1976. Alan Rickman (luv him) and Bill Pullman star.

The Art Crawl in downtown Nashville was very fun this weekend. If you're in the need for some culture, a way to seen and be seen, and above all, a free source of entertainment, come out the first Saturday of the month and mingle with the arty crowd. Be warned- if you want free wine and you value your personal space, go at 6 when it starts, or else you'll be staring at empty bottles and battling for the beeline to Weird Installation #15.

If you've ever wondered how many cheese, bacon, lard and other heart-clogging delights can be combined, check this out. I'm incredibly grossed out by the Twinkie-bun hot dogs - who DOES that?!

Have a great, tasty and fabulous week,



  1. Here is another good website with info about the Art Crawl:

  2. Whenever we used to go to California and we would go out to eat mom would always have to get two baskets of sourdough bread, one for me and one for Scott. She was lucky if she got any.

  3. The twinkie weiner sandwich:
    Weird Al does that! Haven't you ever seen UHF!? :-p


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