Moosewood Bible

Erin knocked out another great meal with Tunisian Potato Turnovers, a recipe from a Moosewood Restaurant cookbook we have. There's always something great lurking in those books, especially the Tuscan sandwich we made a few weeks ago ... think lots of marinara and roasted eggplant.

Tonight, we mixed things up with curried cauliflower, chicken saag (saag sauce pre-made thanks to Trader Joe's) and some fluffy Jasmine rice (sorry, we didn't have Basmati). We always like Indian, and were celebrating the uber-Oscar winnings of Slumdog Millionaire last night, the best movie I've seen recently.

Lastly, we finished things off properly with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia wedged with a chocolate chip cookie. Yum!


  1. so we finally saw it, slumdog, and yes it was good... but.... that's about it for me. I still think the best foreign film (and just film in general) I've seen is City of God. The one about the Brazilian slum kids and drugs.
    Netflix it baby!



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