Cold Comfort Foods

Apparently Cupid decided the Adams didn't need a whopping shot of luv this Valentine's Day - he gave us big ol' head colds instead.

As Scott and I mega dose on Dayquil, Nyquil, and any other -Quil we can find, I'm noticing that I'm getting more picky about the foods I'm eating while my nose is stuffed, my eyes totally gloss over, and my throat gets tickled more than Elmo ever could.

On my list for fave comfort foods when the cold season hits:
Tea, hot, any kind, but especially Lemon Zinger from Celestial Seasonings (I'm a sucker for those inspirational quotes on the box!)

Soup. Duh - first dibs on Chicken Noodle. Avoid the Trader Joe's version - I actually prefer Progresso's - less canny-tasting and the noodles are more substantial.

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce. One of my ultimate fave comfort foods. Hot, meaty, and filling. Whoa.

Oatmeal. Again, hot, steaming and filling. My favorite add-ins are Craisins, a little cinnamon, walnuts, and a slosh of maple syrup.

Oranges. Research debunked zinc and Echinacea supplements - don't even bother. But Vitamin C actually reduces the duration of a cold. So stock up on oranges, juice and vitamins. Just don't try to put your juice in a sippy cup, big boys and girls. We're all past that. I think.

As my 'Quil kicks in, my mind wanders, so this is a short list of goodies to have on hand when you get the vapors and take ill.

Next up sometime soon: Hangover foods. I think I'll let Scott take the lead on this one.
I'll initiate: Oyster Crackers. And...Go!


  1. Here is my favorite sick food: Chicken Bog!

    Favorite Hangover cure: plain ole store bought white bread. Works.Every.Single.Time.

    Hope yall feel better!


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