UK Christmas gift

I'd like to use this forum to thank my lovely wife for the culinary hook-up she gave me for Christmas. Following on memories of our Sept. 2008 UK trip, she got me:

Heinz baked beans (brekky, yummy)
Cadbury dark chocolate digestive biscuits (they're GREAT dipped into hot tea)
Dundee marmalade (lovely on toast)
PG Tips tea (check out the "monkey" commercial on their web site, classic!)
Scottish oat cakes

Thanks again Erin for the tasty treats!


  1. Hi! I am taking "Pantry Cooking" at USN, and another one that is not food related. What are you taking?

  2. That monkey commercial cracked me up! Brits have way better commercials across the pond.Your wife got you some awesome eats. They sound yummy and interesting. I am hoping to serve a proper English feast next Holiday season sometime in honor of my roots...


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