Thanks a Lot, Thanksgiving Feeding Frenzy!

I feel only slightly guilty of the things I ingested over the holiday. How about you???
It was a bang-up job this year at my in-laws', the Adams clan, and they never disappoint.

Among the delights laid out for us were turkey, pork tenderloin, two kinds of gravy (giblet and pork), sweet potato casserole, squash casserole, cranberry salsa, cranberry salad, cranberry jelly from a can (my personal fave), green bean casserole, butter beans and rice, biscuits, and if I leave anything out, it's not for lack of trying (or tasting!).

Dessert was pumpkin pie and pecan pie but for the first time in history I did not eat any dessert on Thanksgiving. In fact, seems like I felt fuller faster this year than any other Thanksgiving I can recall. I didn't go nuts on the cheese plate before, so I don't know why. A good thing, for certain.

Thanksgiving coupled with my sis-in-law's birthday meant double the food, as a breakfast brunch for Birthday Babe was in order. All terrific - and Aunt Sharon's banana nut muffins were totally incredible. (You were right, Molly - those things are like crack!) And the triple chocolate cake made each birthday by Mama L was also a hit. These people don't mess around.

I did get a chance to eat an oyster this Thanksgiving, as my mom's family hail from the eastern coast of NC and always do oysters around this holiday. I thought it would pass me by, but we dined at a seafood shack - Rhinehart's - in Augusta, and it was fabulous fried goodness all around. Mom did rub it in a little that they roasted up a half-bushel this weekend, but I didn't cry or anything. Jealously does sting a bit.

All in all, it was a lovely time. Went by so fast, but I'm sure the effects will linger still - particularly around the waistline! No coincidence that both Scott and I hit up the gym at 6:30 this morning. Very proud, but will it last?

Also, dropped by Doc Chey's Noodle Kitchen in Atlanta on our way back yesterday. We used to eat this all the time in Asheville - they franchise - and it did not fail us yesterday. If you're looking for fresh and tasty Asian on the cheap, check it out.

Peace, love and noodles,



  1. Yay for Aunt Sharon's muffins that I would kill for

  2. I know what you mean by not eating that much... it happened to us as well! Weird... though I really wish we got to eat more of this Thai food that we had... is that bad??


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