Colorado Bound

Scott and I head to Colorado at the end of this month for a week - first to Leadville for some ski sports (um, yeah, for me it might be more like ski embarrassment) and fun times with friends, and then on to Denver on our own for some exploring.

Any readers out there with suggestions on restaurants in either areas, please let us know. We'll be in Fort Collins for a hot second to crash at a friend's house - there we have been to several breweries - Odell and New Belgium come to mind - and also to
Avogadro's Number, a really awesome pub-like place that had great food and brews. It's apparently been around so long that a friend's parents used to go there back in the Seventies while attending Colorado State. (Hey, in this country, even structures built "as far back" as the Seventies are practically old-school!) New Belgium makes the Fat Tire Ale that recently made its debut here in Nashville.

As a side note, it's bittersweet when a beer like Fat Tire is suddenly accessible after only being able to enjoy in CO for so long. On one hand, it's tremendously great beer. But on the other, it's so great to travel to a place and anticipate tasting those things you can only enjoy there.

So...Colorado experts, lay it on us. Bars, cafes, bakeries, restaurants - particularly warm and cozy ones, and did I mention I am seeking WARM locales? - we wanna know where to go.


  1. Hmm never to been to Colorado properly (pretty sure flying through the Denver airport doesn't count.) Try hittin up Melinda on fbk, she might have some suggestions. Yall have a great and safe trip!


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