Yum Yum Eat it Up

Just returned from a fabulous Friday lunch at Midtown Cafe. It's not groundbreaking, but it's good solid American-bistro style food. I enjoyed salmon with a pesto cream sauce, rice pilaf and asparagus. Yuuum. It's also our monthly birthday celebration today here at the office, so I have sweet stuff in store. I need to remember to pace myself...

Last night I made a white lasagna for friends as we enjoyed The Office and 30 Rock, plus an unexpected showing of a Jonestown documentary. Don't drink the Kool-Aid, kids! Seriously some messed up stuff, but you can't say that about my lasagna. It rocked the house. How is it different from regular lasagna, you may ask? It substitutes chicken for the ground beef or sausage and a yummy cream sauce for the red sauce. It's not quite the Paula Deen lasagna, but it's pretty awesome.
Here's the recipe. You're welcome.