Wine and Beer!

Hope all the "Rent" fanatics catch on to this post title...

I dined at Rumba last night with some friends and lo-and-behold their wine on Sunday eve is half-priced. I scored a bottle of red for $12 and, as I drank one glass there, they corked it for me and I took it home. Nice deal for a Sunday when the liquor stores are closed and you want a bottle for snuggling on the sofa and whatnot. ;-)

Asheville's becoming quite the microbrew hot spot - back when I lived there (up until 2005) the best places to grab a homemade pint were Barley's, home of the Highland Gaelic Ale, Jack of the Wood for their Green Man line, and Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company, makers of the divine Shiva IPA.

Now there's a couple new games in town - Pisgah and The Wedge, to name a few. Didn't get a chance to try them, but I was amazed to hear about all the competition. I did check out a new watering hole, The Thirsty Monk, which specializes in Belgian beer, now occupying the former Almost Blue record store on College Street. I tried two pints - Bell's Sparkling Ale (from Michigan) at NINE percent ABV and Avery Old Jubilation (from Colorado) at EIGHT percent.
Needless to say, the designated driver I was not.

Good times!