Jerusalem Restaurant a Hit!

Following up on my previous post, I'm thrilled to report that Jerusalem Restaurant on Church St. was a hit yesterday. Their buffet was plentiful, aromatic and had a nice variety of veggies and tasty meat dishes.

I doctored my hummus with salt quite heavily, but it's some of the best I've had thus far in Nashville. The roasted veggies were awesome and indeed caramelized goodness - thanks for the tip, Carrington Fox - and their falafel was crisp and exactly what I hoped for. They also had a shepard salad of chopped cucumber, tomatoes and herbs that perfectly complemented all the warm offerings.

Now another friend and I are trying Bombay Garden on Nolensville Road - can't get enough of the ethnic food this week. We're truly lucky in Nashville to have diversity in our cuisine - however, a greater acceptance of the immigrant community here has a ways to go. I for one think diversity is delicious!


  1. Yum. You left out a mention of the tiny lil chocolate cake.


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