Family Wash

We're about to meet a friend in East Nashville for some drinks at The Family Wash. Supposedly, the place used to be a laundromat; now it's a bar and restaurant. I suppose that kind of transition is possible in gentrifying neighborhoods, as is having teenage thugs come in and rob everyone in the place of all portable things-of-value. (Yes, that's happened there as well, but oh well, let's hope we're lucky tonight and only have to face bad drivers on Gallatin Pike)

Also, I sat in as a facilitator at a Mayor's Green Ribbon Committee on Sustainability meeting this morning and one woman at the table had an interesting insight: if you order beer on draft (or is it draught?), you're cutting down on waste as long as you get your beverage in a washable pint glass. Otherwise, bars and restaurants don't seem to have much incentive to recycle the oodles of glass they go through. Anybody know of any "green" bars, restaurants that actually recycle most of their bottles and cans?


  1. Is there going to be an update on our Family Wash and Foobar visit? I think it may warrant at least a glossing over, considering the madness that ensued.


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