Publix Does it Again

In a land where Kroger is King, it's nice to know that there's always Publix just beyond the self-imposed drive time limit we've established for grocery shopping. So what if it's an extra four miles past the nearest Kroger - Publix has waaaaay better organic selections, the environs are gleamingly pristine, and the employees must have kick-ass benefits or something because they are always exceedingly helpful and kind.

I hate to think we'll see less of Publix once the Trader Joe's opens in Green Hills. Now, I know that driving to Green Hills will surely cause our drive time limit to implode and forever be damned. But it's the almighty TJ's! We just can't help ourselves. Anyone know when they're opening? Last I heard, they predicted a Thanksgiving date.

But back to Publix. They recently added a Rachel's line of natural yogurt to their dairy section and may I just say to all the yogurt fans out there, get yo self to Publix and gitchu some of this stuff - it's a little out-there when compared to most pedestrian yogurt like Dannon and Yoplait. Think Vanilla Chai and Plum Lavender Honey flavors. Think heavenly dairy products you're going to want 24/7.

So you heard it here - Rachel's brand of yogurt -available at your nearest Publix. You're welcome.


  1. I LOVE Rachel's - yUM

  2. I love Rachel's and I love the buy one get one free coupons from their site! :D


  3. Hold the phone - you say BOGO coupon for this fabulous yogurt?
    YES! I am so there.
    Thanks for the tip, J!


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