Wee Scotland is big on taste

Scottish food is great, so here's some highlights.

Haggis. Yes, it's sheep lungs, etc. but damn is it tasty, especially if you've been walking around in cold, windy weather on top of Edinburgh Castle. I had some and really good local beer at a cafe there.

Erin enjoyed a hot pot of Earl Grey tea to warm her up.

If you go to Isle of Arran, check out the brewery, distillery and cheese, mmm. And pick it all up in an eco-friendly wee green poke.

If you're Edinburgh or Glasgow, check out The Mussell Inn and get King Scallops, from the west coast of Scotland near Oban.

And there's always this fun bakery on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, wee pigs and bathtubs, whatever you fancy.


  1. You would have to post that awful pose of mine as we struggled to picnic in the rain! Some folks might think you have it in for your old mother-in-law! Just kidding! We did experience some wonderful food on our English/Scottish adventure! Now, I must walk twice as far on my daily walk! How we do love our food! Margaret


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