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Yogurt...Fiber-riffic or just Yummy?

Based on last night's dinner table conversation about the merits of the digestive-aid yogurt trend...

I don't know if anyone else saw the SNL parody of Jamie Lee Curtis' recent Activa yogurt commercials, but it's great.

Here's a link also to a Slate article about Activa and other digestive yogurt products and the marketing behind them. I like that they get Jean Kilbourne involved in the discussion, as she's always good for a sound byte about how marketing/ads/our culture messes with the psychology and well-being of women. If you haven't checked out her work Killing Us Softly, you should. Even if you happen to be of the male persuasion.

I think that it's strange how additives in food or just the marketing twists of regular products we use daily have added nutritional benefits or "now with added Omega 3" and other supplements. Yesterday I picked up some Horizon organic milk and noticed a version with added Omega-3. It's milk - not salmon, or nuts, or any other product that actually carried this in NATURE. Don't mess with my dairy, people.

And if you're going to sell yogurt as a digestive aid, it should come with a pack of Depends, right?


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