Warning: Sensory overload!!!
So not only did I have the pleasure of *finally* catching The Dark Knight today, but I also made it to the Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin' with the two Js and K. This counted as my lunch. Yes, I am still a child in many respects, and the child in me LOVED eating ice cream for a late lunch.

Good grief, those people must have been jacked up on their own sugary goodness, because this year the scoopers dished out some majorly large tastes of ice cream. They give you a small cup the size of about two hockey pucks (sorry I'm no good at measurements) when you pay for your ticket, and this time around, our cups were overflowing. The great thing about small portions is that your palate can appreciate a diverse range of tastes more than being swamped by huge amounts of flavor. Good thing there were tons of trash cans around, though I hated to toss out the remainders.

My favorite flavors: Watermelon Sorbet (of course!) and Ginger Cream.
Least: Corn (I kid you not) and a cloying Coconut Choco Chip.

Now we're on to Siam Cuisine with S&B. Talk about tasty sensory deliciousness. I could eat Thai all day, every day!
Have a tasty week,