Calling all International Foodies

Scott and I leave for England and Scotland next Friday the 29th - hurray, hurray - and we're doing some research beforehand to ensure our trip is the best thing ever.

Foodwise, we're very interested in searching out authentic pubs, fish 'n chip shops, and Indian food. Our itinerary is: London, Bath, maybe Canterbury, Ayr, Isle of Arran, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, and Edinburgh.

If you or anyone you know can recommend spots, spread the word and send them to us! We will make sure to post some favorite food shots on this blog and if you can give us some leads, maybe we'll even give you credit on here as well!



  1. OMG! Have a wonderful trip! I await your return and blog posts about your adventure!

  2. When you are in my home territory (Isle of Arran),try and visit Hotel Ormidale in Brodick for their famed home-cooked bar lunches and equally famous Real Ales!

  3. Alistair, don't know if you will read this, but Isle of Arran was the favorite part of my trip!
    How could you leave such a place?!

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