Imagine it...sitting by a campfire, cold beer in hand, stomach nearly full, and then someone cracks open a cold watermelon.

It's the perfect July 4th food, the watermelon. Cool, crisp, sweet, juicy red goodness, with no need for utensils or a plate. Just slice off a wedge and start snacking.

Every time I see a watermelon recipe for something fancy, like watermelon granita or sorbet, I think, "Oh, that would be cool to try sometime" but then sometime never arrives, because the plain and simple chunk of watermelon in hand is just the best delivery system for summer's iconic fruit.

If you haven't had a watermelon yet this season, get yourself to the farmer's market or grocery store and pick one up. You can practice your best Jennifer Grey/"Baby" Dirty Dancing watermelon-hauling line - "I carried a watermelon"?