Spice Girl...Zigazigah!

Man created a grocery menu, and it was good.

We’re finally back on track from our “What the hell’s for dinner?” phase and have planned out meals for the week. Only a little OCD, folks. Just a wee bit.
But really, it helps to know what you have in your cabinets and fridge crisper drawers will actually translate into real food you actually want to ingest. Scott masterfully took the helm, culling six recipes from Rachel Ray’s 356 Meals cookbook (shhhh…don’t tell chef/foodie travel god Anthony Bourdain that I own RR’s stuff…he doesn’t approve). It’s not brilliant material, but
I need guidance now and then so I don’t wind up making the same pasta/stir-fry/Mexican every week. We’ve all been down that road, right?

Last night’s first meal of the week, Curry in a Hurry, turned out a little fiery than we wanted. Somehow mango chutney and cilantro didn’t make it into the grocery cart, so I was sans flavorings and thickeners for my chicken curry. For the sweet and thickening, I added (no judgement, please) corn syrup and some of the Indian spice from the Alchemy Spice Company Scott found while in Chattanooga on Memorial Day holiday. Apparently “some” of the Indian Spice was a little too much. I’m thinkin’ a teaspoon next time, rather than a tablespoon. Whoopsies.

Upon first taste, Scott turned red and did his sweat thing - he sweats when he eats something spicy, or grapefruit. Grapefruit…kinda weird, huh? I ate on, stubbornly, because I hate to mess up a good meal and I simply cannot waste food. Like those grits I salted too heavily for Saturday morming’s breakfast. You know you can’t salt grits after the fact OR undo over-saltedness. One day, I’ll learn.

‘Til then, it’s a delicate tightrope act, to spice and season without precise instruments. I’m a maverick cook, what can I say?


  1. So, funny. I'm watching Tony now. Don't tell him I'm a vegetarian - he doesn't approve of that either.


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