Favorites in the Summertime

I left my house this morning in a tizzy, trying not to get too worked up as a so-not-sexy line of sweat eeked its way down my left temple as I scrambled to find my sunglasses in my purse. All this fuss over the 90-degree weather has me thinking about the delights of summertime.

Here's a list, in no sort of order, of all the foodie things I love in the summer.
What are yours?

- Grilled anything. Especially veggie kabobs and chicken.

- Limeade and Tequila

- Fresh peaches.

- Ice cream. Any flavor. Well, except butter pecan. That's just gross.

- A lime slush from Sonic (it's not elegant, I know, but it tastes fantastic when you're hot just cannot deal with any more humidity and you just want to crawl out of your sticky skin).

- Salads of all kinds. I recently discovered Red, a restaurant on Church Street next to the Tribe club, and it has a fantastic one with blue cheese, dried cherries, nuts and all the fantastic things that go into a tasty salad.

- A cold glass of ice water. Preferably with crushed ice, like the kind you get with your cup of Cheerwine in all the barbecue shacks back in North Carolina. God I miss real bbq.

- Chardonnay. Lots of it, chilled. Fat Bastard is a good one, and Petite Frog (see blog on boxed wines - it's really good for something encased in cardboard.)

- Jello Pudding Pops, the ones from my childhood. Bill Cosby, I miss your commercials.

I'm sure there are other things...do share the delicious things you have to have in the sultry summer days (and nights).