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My mom is just the best! We had a great time this weekend, catching up, planning our next trip together - England and Scotland, in Sept.! - and just being silly together, which is what we really do best.
Foodwise, I managed to kick off the rut I spoke of last, and enjoyed many things - Friday, we grilled eggplant, zucchini and asparagus, and put those over romaine lettuce and wheat tabbouleh, with some cucumber-mint sauce and YUM YUM. Saturday, we did yoga and walked, then hit the Green Hills Mall (yeah, a little Memorial Day Commerce, how vulgar) for lunch at Bronte (Erin: Crab cakes, Mother Dear: Black Bean Burger), and then after browsing way too many baby doll shirts and stuff I would just never wear, we headed home to pack a picnic. Some of the dinner leftovers stuffed into pitas, some excellent cheeses, white bean dip with rosemary, and crudites filled the cooler. Off we went to Franklin's Arrington Vineyards for "Music In the Vines." We set up on their front lawn with our food and camp chairs while a local group, Duology, played some acoustic tunes. After about a 45 min. wait, we were paged for our free tasting at the winery. Their Rose is nice; I like their Viognier. Mom loved the Raspberry wine, so I bought her a bottle to take back to N.C.
On Sunday, Mom's day o' birth, we had breakfast, a nice walk at Shelby Bottoms Greenway, and then headed to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens for a lunch at the Pineapple Room. I had the Tuscan Bread Salad; Mom had the Blackened Fish sandwich with sweet potato fries. Tasty!
It was really too too warm to check out the gardens, but I loved the Japanese and herb gardens, as well as the impressive selection of art exhibits in the main home (home meaning really a palatial abode!).
Nearly wiped out from the heat, we retreated home to meet up with Scott and talk vacation planning. That makes a crew hungry, so the three of us, craving margaritas and a patio locale, ventured downtown to Fiesta Mexicana at 4th Ave. South. Scott and I shared fajitas while Mom went for the spinach enchiladas (she didn't care much for them), washed down with a pitcher of margaritas. Mother dear donned a sombrero and did a tequila shot for her birthday - look for her photo on the restaurant's wall of birthdays (and this blog!), coming soon! What a trooper!
All in all, it was such a pleasant, relaxed weekend. I do wish Mom and I lived a little closer, but for now, we relish the time we have.
Scott and I took the picnic leftovers to Centennial Park and read for a few hours, which was nice until the sky fell. The rain didn't dampen our hunger for ice cream; we made it to Pied Piper for cones of Chocolate Trailer Trash (moi) and Strawberry Fields Forever (Scott).
Tonight...who knows what's for supper. I'm worn out from the fun, but I hope everyone's enjoyed their time this weekend. And, as Scott reminded me, it's important to remember what Memorial Day truly means.


  1. Sounds like a good time. And, what fun England/Scotland. My girlfriend and I back packed through great Britain in college - it was the best!

    By the way, do you live in East Nashville? I live on the East side, and was at the Piped Piper today too. It was yummy!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful time, and so glad you had a good visit! And bon voyage in Sept, and can't wait to read about your adventures to the Brit. Isles!


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