Elbows Up on the Local Table

Kudos to the publishers of a relatively new Foodie 'zine in town, Local Table. The free publication aims to promote the Slow Food movement and picking up on the momentum that the "locavore" trend (Google Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal Vegetable Miracle" and the Splendid Table's Locavore Nation for info on locavore-ing) that is well, so trendy now. It's THE thing now to do what's pretty much the traditional way of living and eating - locally and seasonally.

Several people at my office are part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group, and Scott and I are bouncing the idea back and forth. Basically, with a CSA, you get a weekly allotment of fresh produce from whatever the farm is presently harvesting, and you pick it up and enjoy! Your membership is a "share" of the farm, so you're helping a local business stay in business.

Until we buy our little place to root and Scott can go crazy on some organic farming in the backyard, we're looking for a way to support local farmers and also eat whatever's in season and also branch out. With a half-bushel of fresh food, who knows what will show up in the basket? It could be berries, corn, rutabaga (yuuuummmmm...I think) - it's all a big 'ol surprise. It can really help you diversify your eating habits. Or you can just let your husband eat all the turnips. (My secret agenda, I admit.)

People will grumble and say "Ya Damn Hippies" but I don't think it's all that hippie to want to eat what's from your area and world and not have everything you dine on trucked in from California. It's a beautiful place, but that head of Salinas lettuce comes to your salad bowl not just $2.99 a head but also with gas prices attached and also huge food corporation expenditures. Plus, it's sprayed with all kinds of nice tasty chemicals to keep the bugs out.

Just something to chew on.

Also, Local Table is an excellent spot for Nashvillians to learn about stores and restaurants that serve and sell local food. I really want to try some fresh ravioli at Lazzaroli Pasta and visit Nashville's first green-certified restaurant, Tayst.

Hope everyone has a tasty, happy and safe weekend!


  1. Thanks for the heads up - new town means learning new area farmers/produce/restaurants and I need all the help I can get


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