Gimme Shelter at Korea House

Quick blog before my workday begins... K.G. and I dined at Korea House on Charlotte Pike last night and it was super fine!

Alert to all Nashvillians who like Asian food and don't mind trying weird pickled vegetables: Go to Korea House, order #7, the beef barbecue, and enjoy mixing the beef with all the dozen tiny bowls of goodies they bring you and wrapping it into huge fronds of romaine lettuce.

If you aren't in Nashville and want something Asian-inspired besides Pad Thai or General Tso's Chicken, give Korean a try. The last time I had it, I was in San Francisco with friends E.H. and V.H. (who's in Indonesia now, BTW, and I am sure is having some great food adventures of her own!), and it was a little shoe leather-tasting bad experience.

Happy Wednesday...


  1. Nice to see your words again.
    Always fun to read adventures with food!!

  2. I'm thinking Korean food will be on the menu again sometime.

  3. I thought Korea House was on Edmondson Pike just off Nolensville Road - do you mean the sushi place, forget the name of it, at the east end of Nashville West by the bowling alley?

  4. Korea House is at 6410 Charlotte Pike # 108. The place near the bowling alley/Big Lots is not Korea House, I don't know the name of it but I think it's Japanese/Thai. ????


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