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Whining about Wine

This stinks.
Why on earth does it make sense to keep wine out of the grocery stores here in the fine state of Tennessee? We have beer, but no wine. And for those who say that it will ruin the Mom and Pop liquor shops that currently hold wine hostage, I say, "Bullocks." If I really want a fancy-schmancy vintage of some sort of high regard, most likely I won't shop for it in aisle nine of Kroger.
If I pick up pasta, it sure would be nice to pick up a red bottle of wine to enjoy it with. Instead, I have to drive out of my way, wasting gas and time, to accomplish such.
Just put on your big-boy panties and pass the damn bill, Tennessee.


  1. The Tennessean did an article (it may be what you linked to I didn't read it--I confess!) and then followed up with a question for readers about whether it should be allowed. There was absolutely NO decension. Great! If MADD doesn't oppose it why would anyone else? Bring on the vino and the Trader Joes!!!!


  2. Seriously, Trader Joes! I love Trader Joes and could handle some 2 buck chuck. Also, we like our Borgogne and Champagne which would have to come from a high end store, where they know what they are doing, like the Green Hills Wine Shoppe.

  3. I say the more places you can buy alcohol the you don't know this is your little sister commenting. I miss you both and love you more! And if ya'll do get a Trader Joes I expect monthly care packages with items from there because we all know Augusta will never evolve to Trader Joes status.

  4. BTW...CUTE photo of you both.
    L in GA

  5. I believe you mean "ballocks," not "bullocks"... unless you're talking about a bull in a grocery shop.

    that said... bring on the wine.

    could be worse, we could be in Indiana... where grocery stores sell beer but it has to be warm.

  6. Wow, I had to look up "ballocks" on Wikipedia to see what the deal was. You're totally right!
    This is what happens when you try to blog in a hurry late at night or on lunch breaks. MY BAD.
    Ya'll keep me on my toes.


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