Weekend Food Goals

It's Friday, hip hip hurray!
A few things to keep in mind this weekend...
1) Food in a social setting is just so fun. Scott and I are going to a Lebanese dinner party tonight given by one of my new book club members, Amy. I am very excited to see what's on the menu.

2) Just because it's in front of you, you don't have to eat it. There's so much leftover Easter candy and treats out right now. I don't even like Butterfingers, yet I wolfed down one gigantic egg-shaped candy in the work break room for no apparent reason yesterday. And then there are the jelly beans. High fructose corn syrup mini-bombs I know aren't of this world and should be completely avoided, but I gobbled a few anyway. Last weekend in a moment of weakness I bought a bag of dark chocolate Cadbury Robin Eggs at Target and that bag lasted a mere three days. The remorse I felt after I tossed the empty bag in the trash could have filled the Astro-Dome. (Does that thing still exist?)
Anyway, say no thank you to the things you know you aren't going to enjoy the minute you scarf them down.

3) Try a new recipe. I went to a Thai cooking class on Monday and learned how to make spring rolls. Instead, I'd like to modify the recipe to do summer rolls, which aren't fried and have loads of flavor. I'm going to hit the International Market (one of about 10 here in Nashville) and get some rice paper sheets.

4) Relax. Rain is in the forecast, but Scott has two soccer games this weekend and if it's slightly sunny, I'll grab a camp chair, cheer the team on, and sip a little lemonade or iced tea.

5) Did I mention relaxing? Yeah, that's what needs to happen.

Have a great weekend!